Sativa Group makes progress on its CBD Wellness Store in Bath

Sativa Group makes progress on its CBD Wellness Store in Bath

The UK’s ‘leading’ CBD Wellness and medicinal cannabis company Sativa Group plc (NSX: SATI) today announced the completion of the initial phase of its third and final proof-of-concept Goodbody CBD wellness store.

The Group posted today’s updates after its other two stores were revealed in Bath and Cirencester respectively, and after it announced partnerships with Cenkos and Alponics SA.

Sativa Group comments

Chris Jones, Managing Director of Goodbody Wellness, said,

“It was a great launch weekend with customer feedback echoing the sentiments given about the first two stores.  The customers really appreciate a prestige high-street brand which they can trust.  It’s all about traceability, product testing, and balance. “

“A welcome surprise was that the store opened for business a day early.  We hadn’t even switched on the digital display boards and customers were knocking on the door.  That gave the team an early chance to put their extensive training in to practice.  Our fellow traders in the Clifton Triangle have been highly complimentary about our store design and quality of product and Goodbody is already viewed as a further boost to local high-street retail.”

Investor notes

The Group’s shares are currently trading at 6.50p 27/08/19 and their market cap is £32.35 million.

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The UK Investor Magazine is coordinating the Cannabis Investor Forum as a means for sativa, CBD and cannabidiol companies to connect with prospective investors, and will host guest speakers from organisations such as the Adam Smith institute, hoping to offer insight into the growing industry. The event tickets are available on the CIF website, where an online forum and conversation is also available.