A different approach to UK Equity Income portfolios with Octopus Investments

In his role as Lead Fund Manager at Octopus, Chris overseas a team dedicated to building UK equity portfolios designed to provide investors with an attractive yield.

It is immediately apparent that Octopus are doing things differently. The Multi Cap nature of their income fund, the Octopus UK Multi Cap Income Fund, alludes to a strategy producing one of the best performances among their UK Income peers.

The team at Octopus have built an income fund that encompasses a broad range of companies that other managers in the space overlook. These being shares with a market cap of £100m-£1bn, paying a dividend and providing significant opportunity for growth.

The portfolio utilises a core/satellite approach to investing that builds income and growth satellites around a selection of core holdings Octopus believes can grow earnings and dividends ahead of the market.

The strategy has helped Octopus return a 29.3% performance over the past year, alongside a very respectable 4.1% yield.

Learn more about the Octopus UK Multi Cap Income Fund here.

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