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The cyclical opportunity in UK small and mid-cap shares with the Rights and Issues Investment Trust

Dan Nickols, head of strategy, UK small and mid-cap at Jupiter Asset Management and manager of the Rights and Issues Investment Trust delivers a compelling case for UK growth companies at a time when many stocks within the sector offer deep historical value. Visit the Rights and Issues Investment Trusts website here. Dan explains the current environment for UK small and mid-cap's from a macro-economic perspective before outlining the specific companies he and his team have been adding to their portfolio in preparation for the cyclical recovery. Jupiter Asset Management took over the Rights and Issues mandate last year and has...

Improving autonomous vehicle safety and fighting electric vehicle range anxiety with Guident’s Harald Braun

The UK Investor Magazine was delighted to have Harald Braun, CEO of Guident, back on the Podcast to discuss the latest developments at Guident, an autonomous and electric vehicle technology company based in Florida. Guident has two distinct technologies; the first is autonomous vehicle remote monitoring and control software, and the second is regenerative shock absorbers for electric vehicles. Harald details the progress at Guident and the importance of a recent deal that secures Guident reoccurring revenue into the future. Guident is a first mover in human-in-the-loop remote monitoring and control of autonomous vehicles for fixed-route geo-fenced buses...

A UK Small Cap Rerate, Cadence Minerals, ECR Minerals with Alan Green

Alan Green joined the UK Investor Magazine Podcast to dive into a selection of UK equities and provide scenarios for broader markets after the Autumn Statement. This Podcast explores potential scenarios for UK markets and the catalysts for a rerating of UK mid and small caps. We discuss Cadence Minerals (LON:KDNC) and ECR Minerals (LON:ECR). Alan outlines the valuation case for Cadence Minerals, given the current share price and the underlying value of their portfolio of mining assets. ECR Minerals is proceeding with a more positive tone after a change of leadership. Alan provides an update on activities.

Scaling an award-winning brewery that makes music better with Signature Brew

The UK Investor Magazine was delighted to be joined by Tom Bott, Managing Director & Co-Founder at Signature Brew, to delve into the company's current Seedrs crowdfunding round. Signature Brew was founded by a brewer and a musician with a mission, brew beer that makes music better. Signature Brew has established a thriving brewery and music venus business which is set to generate over £5m in revenue in 2023. The company has achieved their success by forging relationships with musicians and music venues to deliver an all-encompassing service to music lovers. Signature Brew is currently crowdfunding on Seedrs and enjoying strong...