Building the UK’s leading growth company exchange with AQUIS

The UK Investor Magazine Podcast was delighted to welcome Alasdair Haynes, CEO of the AQUIS Exchange, for a broad conversation around providing growth capital for UK companies and improving outcomes for investors.

The AQUIS Stock Exchange is setting about improving the listing experience for both companies and investors, while broadening the scope for high-quality UK growth companies to raise capital.

Alasdair outlines how AQUIS is providing both private and institutional investors with the opportunity to invest in exciting growth companies that may have previously only been accessible to a small pool of private equity investors.

We explore how AQUIS is making it easier for companies to list on their exchange, including heavily reduced costs compared to AIM, the removal of red tape and increasing liquidity.

For further information on the AQUIS Exchange and the companies listed on the exchange, please visit their website here.

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