Dynamo Taxi, the world’s only 100% electric zero emissions black cab, crowdfunding on Seedrs

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Dynamo Motor Company manufacture The Dynamo Taxi, according to GOV.UK, the world’s only 100% electric zero emissions London black cab.

We are based in the automotive heartland that is Coventry.

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Working in association with Nissan and in view of a legislation change on January 1st 2018, whereby Taxis could only be licensed in London if they were capable of travelling more than 30 miles with zero emissions, Dynamo created a first to market vehicle which currently only has one competitor, this being LEVC, which is a range extended vehicle i.e petrol and battery.

In the UK there are nearly 70,000 taxis of which some 4,000 have already converted to electric. Dynamo is competing for the other 66,000, worth around £4 billion, who over the next 10 years, driven by financial gain and a growing desire to improve the environment, will opt for an electric taxi.

Our Taxi uses Nissan’s fully electric eNV200 Evalia MPV as a donor vehicle that Dynamo converts to a fully certified and compliant London Black Cab.

FUNDRAISING –Limited Time to Invest

Dynamo is currently fundraising through Seedrs and has hit over 85% of target with over 600 investors. With the campaign closing on September 8th, now is the time to join us before it is too late and play an active part in reducing pollution whilst investing into an exciting EV company. To find out more and make your investment please visit www.seedrs.com/.dynamotaxi


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The EV market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 33.6% from 2020 to reach $2,495.4 billion by 2027.

By volume, the EV market is expected to reach 233.9 million units by 2027, at a CAGR of 21.7%.

Global EV sales skyrocketed 43% to a total of 3.24 million vehicles sold compared to 2.26 million in the year 2019.

Compound Annual Growth Rate – (CAGR).

SECOND PRODUCT– Don’t go long, go up!

With £1.5 million investment secured from our partner Gluon Mobility Ventures (formed by Max Delamain and Per Regnarsson, owners of Gluon Capital and long-term investors and advisors in the sustainable energy markets), Dynamo have accelerated strategic diversification development plans and brought forward our second product, working with Maxus, a fully electric increased cargo volume (m³) last mile delivery van for launch August 2021.

Dynamo has entered this market with an innovative product whereby cargo volume increases to 6 cubic metres on a Short Wheelbase Van enabling better ease of use in congested traffic, better parking attributes and of course an option for couriers to load larger volume parcels. 

Coronavirus accelerated the transition to an increased level of purchases online, which is something we believe will be maintained and as such, last mile delivery vehicles will therefore increase in numbers on the road.

Working with our experienced engineers we have developed an option for fleet owners that offers them greater flexibility and brings forth our slogan, don’t go long, go up!


Dynamo attained international converter status within Nissan Motors in 2017 meaning that Dynamo could officially convert and sell Nissan products.

Whole vehicle type approval (M1 Certification) was attained in August 2019.

Transport for London Taxi Approval was attained in August 2019.

The Dynamo Taxi was launched with Nissan at City Hall October 2019 and is still the world’s only certified 100% electric zero emission black cab.

The Mayor of London who attended the launch said this of The Dynamo Taxi “London’s black cabs are known around the world, which is why I am pleased to launch the first all-electric London black cab by Dynamo. Working with cabbies to go electric is a key part of our plans to improve London’s air quality. The Dynamo Taxi will accelerate the retirement of polluting diesel taxis from city streets across the UK, improving air quality, helping to tackle the climate emergency and to create a green economy”.

The product has so far had over £10,000,000 spent on its development.

In September 2020 after €560,000 investment at Nissan’s Barcelona Plant, the first vehicle built specifically for Dynamo, whereby Nissan completed some of the conversion steps was delivered to Dynamo. This collaborative working enabled Dynamo to speed up production.

Dynamo has to date sold 250 vehicles with sales being in London, Liverpool, Coventry, Sheffield and Nottingham. Dynamo now has a waiting list for future deliveries.

March 2021, Dynamo received an order from the Welsh Government for 50 ‘try before you buy’ Taxis. The last of these taxis were delivered in May 2021 and Dynamo have now received subsequent orders from Wales.

The launch of Dynamo’s second product, working with Maxus, a fully electric increased cargo volume (m³) last mile delivery van in August 2021.

USE OF PROCEEDS– Putting your money to work

Acquisition of donor vehicles from Nissan.

Acquisition of additional parts and equipment from a localised supply chain.

Dynamo will increase its workforce, therefore incur recruitment costs.

The launch and productionization of Dynamo’s second product, the fully electric Maxus increased cargo volume (m³) last mile delivery van.

Dynamo is currently working with the Nissan / Renault Alliance to develop a second Taxi product.

Dynamo will fund its diversification strategy and will increase its relationships with large automotive manufacturers as well as operate in other market sectors.

You have the opportunity to play an active part in a changing automotive world, where carbon neutral targets for 2030 have created huge business opportunities for companies like Dynamo that manufacture electric vehicle solutions. Change is not coming, it is here, so join us as together we play a part in reducing pollution and build a sustainable U.K. manufacturing company that embodies what the green economy is all about. 

If you would like to invest now or find more information, then please use the following link.


Alternatively, you can contact Brendan on brendan@dynamotaxi.com


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