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Investing in the future of your memories


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We are all pumping out our data into the cloud. Some of it we’d like to keep forever. Emortal is the startup that wants to help you organize, protect, preserve and pass on your “digital legacy” and protect it from becoming unreadable, otherwise known as “bit-rot.” 

Emortal, a UK-based digital family content solution, has so far secured more than £1.5 million through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. The funding round, which originally sought to raise £1 million, has already attracted over 500 Crowdcube investors and is looking to hit £3 million before the end of the raise.

Founded in 2007, Emortal enables families to preserve and pass on something very important; their digital legacies.

How we create a sustainable business with both the technical means to preserve aging family content and the fiscal means to pay for the continuous curation of our digital legacies long after we are gone is the key issue. Emortal is the first viable solution to this concerning issue” says Colin Culross, the Founder and CEO. “The cornerstone of the Emortal proposition is to tie data preservation in with digital legacy protection to ensure that our digital memories are safe and accessible for generations to come.”

Culross also noted that the solution has been designed to integrate preservation technology with a future proof legacy fund to pay for the continuous updates needed to ensure that its “digital family heritage” lasts for generations to come.

Emortal was subject to an acquisition offer of USD$12.1 millon by Microsoft in 2010. “It is our ambition to launch in Q3 2021 – and to be able to capitalize on further big tech sector interest. Funds from the Crowdcube round will be used to continue the growth and development of the Emortal solution” says Culross.

Emortal, which has been in engineering R&D for more than 10 years, has raised £4.2 million from “friends and family.” It is now looking to raise up to £3.0 million in crowdfunding on the U.K.’s Crowdcube platform, following what it says was a successful BETA test.

The company will use Google architecture to preserve digital memories — photographs, documents, correspondence, videos, interviews and more – indefinitely into the future. The idea is that this will ensure that as operating systems, devices and tech evolves, your entire digital legacy will remain safe, secure and accessible — to only those you choose.

The platform is now set to be launched in the U.K. and U.S. in Q3 this year and will be designed for occasional considered use, for example when taking a picture at a christening, rather than saving every photo you take. It will charge a flat, standard subscription fee of £4.99 a month.

Colin Culross, founder and CEO of Emortal said: “We are keen to use the Crowdcube platform for this raise because Emortal is a service designed for ALL families. We believe the most powerful way for the business to grow is to have thousands of our customers investing in the business.”

The company intends to use the funds from the equity funding round to continue to grow and develop its solution. It operates with the ambition to launch the Emortal solution in Q3 2021 and capitalise on the big tech sector interest. Emortal will be launched in the US and UK in Q3 this year.

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