Litigation funding as an investment with Cormac Leech

The UK Investor Magazine Podcast is joined by Cormac Leech, founder of Litigation Funding platform AxiaFunder.

AxiaFunder is the only investment platform available to UK investors to access the new asset class of Litigation Funding.

AxiaFunder was established after Cormac’s personal experience within litigation funding found that while there was a substantial market for litigation funding, there wasn’t an available platform for high net worth and sophisticated investors.

One of the standout attractions of litigation funding is the absence of correlation with the broad economic environment.

Litigation, and the need to pursue litigation, is not largely impacted by economic growth in the same way traditional assets such as equities and bonds are. 

Find more information on the AxiaFunder website.

Investing in offers promoted by AxiaFunder involves risks. Capital is at risk and projected returns are not guaranteed. Investors have a significant risk of losing all of their investment if the case fails. Investments promoted by AxiaFunder are not listed or traded on any recognised exchange. This means you will not be able to easily sell your investment if you need to get your money back quickly. Investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The investments on this website are intended for Sophisticated and High Net Worth Investors as defined by the FCA.

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