London Uber ban: reactions

London Uber ban: reactions

London Uber ban: reactions

Transport for London announced yesterday that it will not be renewing Uber’s (NYSE:UBER) licence to operate in London, insisting that it is not “fit and proper”.

Uber’s past itself is filled with controversies, including its poor workplace culture and the treatment of its drivers.

Having revealed several breaches to the safety and security of passengers, TFL decided to drive the ride-hailing app out of London – but what do people think?

Uber UK has said that it will be appealing TFL’s decision:

Meanwhile, Karren Brady was among many to take to Twitter and share her views:

Similarly, Tony Parsons‏ also praised London’s black cabs:

Matt Lucas‏ posted the following Tweet:

Andrew Boff‏ did not hold back with his opinion against the decision:

Sadiq Khan‏’s statement on TFL’s Uber decision was also shared on the social media platform:

How will this impact your commute?