Nebeus has started a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs

Nebeus, the banking alternative for Web3, is excited to announce its investment opportunity on Seedrs, UK’s leading equity crowdfunding platform. This investment round aims to accelerate Nebeus’ growth and expand its range of services with a full trading platform, a new digital asset credit line that enables users to spend without selling their investments, and new DeFi (Decentralised Finance) products.

This investment round is an equity-based crowdfunding campaign with a pre-money valuation of €40M. In our previous Seedrs campaign, the company’s pre-money valuation was confirmed at €13.6M, reflecting a current company’s value growth of 295% over the past two years. For a detailed overview of Nebeus, please find our pitch deck here.

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Nebeus has established itself as a reliable and user-friendly platform for bridging the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional banking in a single app, revolutionizing how people transact and manage their finances.

The funds raised from this investment opportunity will be allocated to a range of strategic initiatives, including developing new innovative DeFi services that will enable users to self-custody their digital assets.

Additionally, the investment will be used to integrate a new digital asset credit line, allowing users to spend without selling their cryptocurrency investments. This exciting development for Nebeus represents a significant step forward in the company’s mission to provide users with more flexible and convenient credit solutions.

Finally, the investment will allow Nebeus to expand into new financial markets with a full brokerage service that will enable Nebeus users to trade non-crypto financial products such as stocks, futures, commodities, and forex. By expanding Nebeus’s range of investment products, Nebeus is moving closer to becoming a financial super-app, democratizing access to a new era of finance.

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“We’re excited to offer this investment opportunity to our community as we continue to grow and enhance Nebeus,” said Sergey Romanovsky, CEO of Nebeus. “We’re committed to revolutionizing the financial industry with our innovative app and expanding our services to meet the growing demand for financial and web products.”

“We believe that the future of finance is digital, and Nebeus is leading the charge with its innovative app unifying Web3 and traditional banking services,” said Michael Stroev, COO of Nebeus. “We’re excited to offer investors the opportunity to be a part of our growth and help us shape the future of finance.”

Nebeus’ investment opportunity is now live on Seedrs, and interested investors can find more information on the campaign page. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to invest in a company revolutionizing the financial industry.

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