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New Aquis admission: Clarify Pharma

Yet another Aquis flotation of an investment company from Michael Edwards following on from NFT Investments, Dispersion Holdings and Pioneer Media Inc. Three other Clarify directors are also directors of NFT Investments and one is also on the Dispersion Holdings board. In this case, Jonathan Bixby is executive chairman, although he does not own any shares in Clarify Pharma – he does hold 10 million warrants he can exercise at 1p each if he wants to.

Clarify Pharma will focus on investing in psychedelic medicine businesses and products in the UK and Canada.

There seem to have been some lessons learned from the NFT Investments and Dispersion Holdings placings. The initial funding rounds were done at 0.1p a share and 1p share just like the other two companies, but the placing was done ...

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