Outperformance of commodity shares will drive portfolio returns

Alan Green discussed the commodities super cycle on the UK Investor Magazine Podcast as it began at the beginning of 2021. Since then, major commodities indices have increased dramatically with copper touching 10 year highs and Oil breaching $70.

Demand for commodities is increasing as economies reopen after the pandemic and under investment in commodity exploration and development has caught supply off guard leading to higher prices. This is particularly evident in Lumber markets which has seen $25,000 added to the cost of constructing the average US home.

With the Federal Reserve hinting QE tapering is some way off, meaning interest rate increases won’t be happening for some time, the path is clear for further commodity price rises. We explore what this means for equity markets and how commodities shares could outperform over the next decade.

We discuss Mast Energy Developments (LON:MAST), Advance Energy (LON:ADV) and Caerus Mineral Resources (LON:CMRS).

View Clear Capital Market’s Research Note on Mast Energy Developments.

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