Pamm Beverages has launched Ginger & Citrus as well as Ginger...

Pamm Beverages has launched Ginger & Citrus as well as Ginger & Pineapple non-alcoholic juice drinks

Pamm Beverages is medium -scale juice drink limited company that is located in London and an online independent beverage wholesaler distributor.

The brand launch is focused to meet the demand of the market for unique flavours and healthy juice drinks.

A new range of two deliciously exotic juice drinks comes with distant peppery sweet taste, to revitalize yourself inside with a rich source of antioxidants vitamins c and low sugar. This excellent mix juice drink creates a great taste for making various new wine cocktail and cocktail mixer for a long drink.

The beverage comes as a non-alcoholic juice drink, it will be made from Australian ginger roots pairing with citrus and pineapple concentrate juice drinks, product are available in 275ml glass bottles with plastic screw cap.

All ingredients are natural ingredients.  Both juice drinks are going to give consumers another option of luscious and unique in taste as well as health benefits.

Our juice drink is a good source of health diet with hectic and busy lifestyle, people are now more interested to be physically fit and healthy.

The overall goal of this brand is to develop juice drink that will be accepted by individuals of all ages in the following segments based on teens, younger working individuals, adults, elderly.

Most importantly, Pamm beverages is designed to be able to meet the needs of simple dinners, parties, events, and every kind of occasions,  just as they are going to every available hotels, pubs, airport, restaurants, supermarket stores and international.

Pamm beverages create a pleasant, enjoyable and refreshing quality juice drinks sourced by SALSA production company UK. we are sensitive to the taste, look and feel of good healthy juice drink, we provide healthier taste, mellow and refreshing juice drink flavours with great nutritional energy.

Hence our value proposition is to sell the benefit of enjoyment to our various consumers at reasonable prices.

Pamm beverages is planning a crowdfunding raise to fund further production expansion.

Please visit Pamm Beverages here.