Part Two: VCT, EIS and SEIS made simples !

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EIS Funds: Slowly Climbing the Tax/ Risk Scale

An estimated £15.9bn has been invested in Enterprise Investment Schemes, (EIS) since its 1994 launched. This success is despite the Treasury consistently looking at ways to stop high earners ‘abusing’ this attractive tax relief. The Tax incentives are aimed at helping to make Britain Greater, as it promotes economic growth and job creation by encouraging investment into eligible ‘high risk’ small businesses with assets under £15m and less than 250 employees. The company needs to be unlisted but that allows for NEX and Aim companies which are the unlisted markets. There are also sectors that do not qualify, the company cannot be more than 10 years old or 7 years after generating its first revenue. Once these hoops are cleared it can qualify ...

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