Revolutionising the NewSpace industry with OrbitalMachines

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Orbital Machines wants to revolutionize the NewSpace industry by supplying standardized, reliable and affordable systems and components to rockets of all types. 

Their first product is an electric propellant pump for the small launch vehicle industry

14th June they reached the minimum target of €300.000 on Seedrs, and have 14 days left to overfund the campaign up to €1.000.000. This will enable the company to respond to the customer traction they have gotten so far.

“We are experiencing overwhelming interest in our first product: the electric propellant pump. It is ready to be commercialized with the overfunding Seedrs campaign, by starting more customer projects, and speeding up development.” – Eivind Liland says

Orbital Machines already have two ongoing projects: one with Copenhagen Suborbitals and their rocket Spica, and one with commercial customer Venture Orbital Systems and their small launcher Zephyr. Hydrotests, cryogenic tests and static fire tests are scheduled over the next year.

By exploiting new technological opportunities and economies of scale, Orbital Machines will supply the industry with standardized, affordable and reliable components for frequent launches. With more than 100 small launch vehicles in development world-wide, the growth in Orbital Machines’ primary market has just begun.

Our first goal is to commercialize the propellant pump, developing standardized parametric designs and repeatable methods to quickly and sustainably supply small launch vehicle companies with affordable, light and efficient pumps.” Liland continues. 

The emergence of small companies and organizations involved in space activities demands a supply market that can help reduce risk and cost. Reusability, frequency, weight and price are the main aspects Orbital Machines will address to beat existing solutions.

“When we have commercialized the propellant pump we want to move on to the other critical components and systems of a rocket. We will benefit from parametric design experience, standardized production and technological possibilities of integration. We will become a total supplier, the “Intel inside” if you want, of the NewSpace industry”, Liland concludes.

This is their third successful crowdinvest campaign, previously concluded two on the Norwegian platform Folkeinvest. You can join this growth prospect in an industry with most of its history ahead of us.

If you’re interested in learning more, request a copy of the Orbital Machines investment deck or if you’re ready to jump straight in – join Seedrs campaign HERE.

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