The best cities to invest in property in the UK

According to the insurer Aviva, 10% of UK adults between 35 and 45 years of age have made plans to buy an investment property within the next year.

However, rising house prices over recent months mean it has become increasingly expensive to be a landlord.

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This also means it is more and more challenging to make a profit in certain regions once all costs and expenses are accounted for.

Investors may be better of researching the best areas across the UK in terms of property values and return on investment (ROI) if they want to become landlords, and make money.

New research has revealed the best cities in the UK to invest in property, with some areas offering up to £6,000 profit and nearly 3% ROI.

Coulters Property have compared average house prices and mortgage repayments with the average monthly rental prices, to determine the annual profits and ROI to reveal the best areas in the UK for property investment.

Top 10 UK cities with the best ROI for landlords

RankCityProfits Per Year (£)% ROI
1Preston £5,2562.98%
2Coventry £6,0332.74%
3Glasgow £4,8362.67%
4Swansea £4,4782.54%
5Dundee £3,9652.47%
6Manchester £5,0152.14%

In the top spot, the Lancashire city of Preston offers the best return on investment. The average home sells for £176,378 while the average rental price is £981 PCM. This gives landlords a profit of £438 per month and £5,256 per year, giving an ROI of 2.98%.

Coming in second, Coventry offers an average ROI of 2.74% followed closely by Glasgow with an average ROI of 2.67%.

Scotland ranks very well in the top ten, with three Scottish areas appearing. Glasgow, Dundee and Paisley all offer an excellent return on investment for landlords.

Years ago, London was the front and centre of property portfolios, however, with prices in the capital so inflated, investors could be advised to look elsewhere.

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