UK GDP, Wetherspoons, and Mode with Alan Green

Alan Green joins the UK Investor Magazine Podcast for our weekly instalment of markets and Uk equities.

UK GDP rose 0.5% in May dispelling fears about an impending recession, for now. The impact of bank holidays and a boost in travel spending drove the boost, despite ongoing fears of a cost of living crisis.

We look at the current playbook for inflation and a potential snap back in markets.

However, the boost in economic activity was missed by Wetherspoon that suffered a contraction in sales, albeit an improvement on prior quarters declines. The demographics of the Wetherspoon customer may be to blame as their core ale sales suffer while spirits grew.

Bitcoin app Mode has had a torrid year during the crypto crash and we discuss recent activity at the activity. Revenue nearly tripled in 2021 but increases in their expenses meant continued cash burn.

Golden Metal Resources is set for a spin out from Power Metal Resources and help crystalise valuation creation by the parent company. We outline the Golden Metal Resources portfolio and progress of the IPO.

Watch the Power Metal Resources investor presentation here.

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