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WATR: Invest in the future of water technology

The UK Investor Magazine Podcast is joined by Glyn Cotton, CEO and Co-Founder or water technology company WATR.

WATR is setting out to improve the quality water on a global scale by working with the UK’s water companies in improving the health of our water, through to helping provide safe drinking water in the third world.

Astonishingly, one million people a year still die from poor water quality and the overall market in improving water sanitisation is estimated to be worth £4.29bn.

WATR has engaged in many years of development which saw them win a startup award at Web Summit and is now raising funds via Seedrs to propel growth in the coming years.

Having already met the Seedrs campaign target of £250,000, WATR is now in overfunding meaning investors can still secure an allocation.

Find out more on the WATR crowdfunding page on Seedrs here.

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