AIM movers: Image Scan contract and DF Capital forecast upgrade

X-ray imaging technology developer Image Scan (LON: IGE) has won a £3m contract to supply ThreatScan portable x-ray systems to NP Aerospace for bomb technicians. There will be a three-month trial process before the contract commences in September. That means that £1m is expected to be recognised in the year to September 2025. Forecast revenues for 2024-25 are £3.5m. The share price soared 62.3% to 2.15p.

Finance provider DF Capital (LON: DFCH) increased new loan obligations by 17% in the first half. Interim pre-tax profit is expected to be £9m, including £1.7m of recoveries on RoyaleLife, and this has led Panmure Liberum to raise its full year pre-tax profit forecast by 55% to £14m. Arrears on the loan book are reducing. The share price improved 24.1% to 33.5p.

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Retail software and systems supplier itim (LON: ITIM) has secured a five-year, multi-million pound contract with Assai Atacadista, which has 300 stores in Brazil. The software will help with price optimisation and promotion. This helps underpin 2024 forecast revenues of £17m and EBITDA of £1m. The share price increased 15.2% to 38p.

Fire suppression technology developer Zenova Group (LON: ZED) says Zenova FX fluid has been independently tested by external laboratories. This shows that the range of fire extinguishers conforms to current and planned regulations. This means that they will still be legal to use in the EU after the beginning of July 2025. The share price rose 7.41% to 1.45p.

Fusion Antibodies (LON: FAB) reports a positive first quarter of the year to March 2025. Revenues jumped from £241,000 to £522,000. The order book is worth £700,000. This should all be recognised this year. Last year’s revenues were £1.14m. The share price is 5% ahead at 3.15p.


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Medical monitoring equipment developer Deltex Medical Group (LON: DEMG) says interim revenues were flat at £1.06m with orders worth £92,000 awaiting components or payment. The improvement in EBITDA should continue in the second half following a reduction in employees. There was cash of £325,000 at the end of June. The new TrueView system is eligible to purchase via a NHS Supply national framework. The share price slipped 9.09% to 0.15p.

In the six months to May 2024, Light Science Technologies (LON: LST) revenues improved from £4.4m to £5.2m and gross margins increased. There should be a positive EBITDA in the first half. Management has increased its borrowing facility. The committed forward order book is worth £4.7m, including £935,000 for the new fire protection business. The share price fell 3.51% to 2.75p.

Graeme Coulthard increased his stake in (LON: WRKS) from 6.48% to 7.15%. Even so, the share price declined 2.86% to 23.75p.


Facilities by ADF (LON: ADF) is paying a final dividend of 0.9p/share and the share price declined 0.5p to 53.5p.

Next 15 Group (LON: NFG) is paying a final dividend of 10.6p/share and the share price slipped 7.5p to 778.5p.

Polar Capital (LON: POLR) is paying a final dividend of 32p/share and the share price fell 25p to 570p.

Premier Miton (LON: PMI) is paying an interim dividend of 3p/share and the share price dipped 1.5p to 70p.

Skillcast (LON: SKL) is paying a final dividend of 0.28p/share and the share price is unchanged at 38.5p.

Union Jack Oil (LON: UJO) is paying a final dividend of 0.25p/share and the share price fell 0.25p to 15.5p.

Young & Co’s Brewery (LON: YNGA) is paying a final dividend of 10.88p/share and the share price fell 1p to 965p.

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