AIM movers: Molecular Energies leaving AIM and cancels Green House Capital float plus ex-dividends

SIMEC Atlantis Energy (LON: SAE) has received the first £5m milestone payment for the 23oMW Uskmouth battery project. A further three tranches totalling £4.8m are payable over 12 months. Planning permission is granted for a further 120MW battery storage project on the site with potential for more. The share price recovered 26.6% to 1p.

Mosman Oil & Gas (LON: MSMN) has extended the completion date to the end of April for the farm out agreement with Greenvale Energy for the EP145 licence in Australia. This is dependent on ministerial approval. The share price increased 10.3% to 0.016p.

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Security systems supplier Westminster Group (LON: WSG) reduced its interim loss due to a sharp fall in overheads. Revenues fell from £3.5m to £2.9m. The ratification process for the five airports project in the DRC is underway. The order book is worth £1.1m, while annual recurring revenues are £3.7m. The share price improved 10.3% to 1.6p.


Oil and gas producer Molecular Energies (LON: MEN) is cancelling its AIM quotation because it does not believe it is worth the cost. The company should save £500,000/year. Chairman Peter Levine, who owns 29.2%, suggests that he may offer to buy shares of some other investors in the future, but there are no immediate plans to offer an exit prior to the cancellation. Green House Capital will no longer be spun off on AIM. This did not hold up the share price which slid 80.2% to 4.75p.

Infection protection technology developer Byotrol (LON: BYOT) has been quoted for nearly 19 years and it has decided to leave AIM. Revenues from continuing products should improve from £3.7m to £3.9m this year. No further IP revenues are expected this year. Some IP was sold to Tristel (LON: TSTL) and along with an early termination of another licence generated cash of £800,000, but minimum guaranteed royalties will be written down by £550,000 in the balance sheet. Even before that, there will be a higher loss in 2023-24. The business needs to be restructured and reduce costs and believes there will be more flexibility as a private company. Asset Match will provide a matched bargain facility. The share price dived by three-fifths to 0.15p.

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Alba Mineral Resources (LON: ALBA) has raised £380,000 at 0.065p/share. Cash will be spent on the Llechfraith target at the Clogau-St David’s gold mine in Wales, where gold grades are up to 4 ounces/tonne. There will also be funding for due diligence on potential acquisition, as well as for partnership and offtake discussions for Clogau. The share price slumped 25.3% to 0.0725p.

IT distributor Northamber (LON: NAR) reported an increased interim loss as revenues fell from £33.6m to £29.2m. A reduction in overheads meant that the loss was limited to £413,000, down from £250,000. NAV is still £23.5m with cash of £2.53m. Management wants to scale up the business through the acquisition of specialist IT distributors. The share price fell 22.8% to 35.5p.


Duke Capital (LON: DUKE) is paying a dividend of 0.7p/share and the share price rose 1p to 33.5p.

IDOX (LON: IDOX) is paying a final dividend of 0.6p/share and the share price edged up 0.2p to 61.8p.

Personal Group Holdings (LON: PGH) is paying a final dividend of 5.85p/share and the share price declined 4.5p to 164p.

Primorus Investments (LON: PRIM) is paying a dividend of 1.5p/share and the share price fell 1.75p to 3.75p.

Quartix Holdings (LON: QTX) is paying a final dividend of 1.5p/share and the share price is unchanged at 167.5p.

Shanta Gold Ltd (LON: SHG) is paying a dividend of 0.15p/share and the share price dipped 0.2p to 14.325p.

Wynnstay Group (LON: WYN) is paying a final dividend of 11.75p/share and the share price fell 10p to 357.5p.

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