AIM movers: Trakm8 fails to secure software contract and APQ NAV jump

Investment company APQ Global Ltd (LON: APQ) says book value was 23.87p/share at the end of February 2024, up from 6.02p/share at the end of 2023. This is based on the unaudited revaluation of private investments, particularly US-based Delphos International. At the end of June 2023, the Delphos International stake was valued at $6.26m. The share price jumped 175% to 5.5p.

Biodegradable and antimicrobial plastic additives developer Symphony Environmental Technologies (LON: SYM) has raised £1.4m at 3.5p/share and will raise up to £500,000 more through a PrimaryBid retail offer. The issue price was well above the market price, which has risen 42.86% to 3p. Chief executive Michael Laurier is subscribing £105,000. Net debt was £740,000 at the end of February. The additional cash will fund the scale-up of the business and provide working capital during trials by potential customers.

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Forecasts for Intercede Group (LON: IGP) have been upgraded following an order for a new testing service for a US Federal Agency. This is the seventh upgrade by Cavendish in the past 12 months and it has raised its 2023-24 earnings expectations from 7.4p/share to 7.7p/share. However, profit is expected to be lower next year. The share price improved 13.1% to 112.5p.

Steel structures supplier Billington (LON: BILN) has revealed new orders worth £90m over 24 months. They are in a range of sectors including food, energy from waste and logistics. Margins are tight and the sector remains tough. This helps underpin the 2024 pre-tax profit forecast of £8m, which is a decline from the estimated 2023 figure of £13.3m, but it is well above the 2022 figure. The share price is one-eighth higher at 450p.


Fleet management technology provider Trakm8 Holdings (LON: TRAK) failed to secure the large software contract it was expecting in the year to March 2024. The contract could be signed later this year, but the 2023-24 forecast will not be met. Trading has also been weak in February and March due to lower insurance connections. Revenues of £16.4m are expected and a loss of £1.4m instead of the forecast pre-tax profit of £1.8m. Next year’s forecast will also be downgraded. The share price has slumped 35.7% to 9p.

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Supercapacitors manufacturer Cap-XX (LON: CPX) has secured £2m from a placing and subscription at 0.1p/share ensuring that it does not run out of money. Cap-XX settled its patent litigation with Maxwell/Tesla ahead of the fundraising, but the terms are confidential. Up to £200,000 more can be raised through a REX retail offer. The offer closes at 3pm today. The share price declined by one-quarter to 0.1275p.

Kore Potash (LON: KP2) has raised $530,000 from a convertible loan note issue. They are convertible at 0.38p/share. The cash will be spent on further work on the Kola potash project. Chairman David Hathorn intends to subscribe $150,000 for shares after the 2023 results are published. The share price fell 14.3% to 0.45p.

Hutchmed (China) (LON: HCM) has started the registration stage of the phase II/III clinical trial of sovleplenib in adults with warm antibody autoimmune haemolytic anaemia in China. Positive trial results can be used for a New Drug Application. The share price dipped 4.17% to 264p.

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