AIM movers: Venture Life acquisition and ex-dividends

Venture Life Group (LON: VLG) is buying HL Healthcare, which owns Earol, EarolSwim and Sterinase, for £13m. The products generated EBITDA of £1.7m in 2021-22 and they should do better this year – £3m of the consideration is dependent on 2022-23 revenues. Venture Life is expected to make a 2022 pre-tax profit of £946,000 and that could improve to more than £4m in 2023. The share price jumped by 17.9% to 31.25p.

Facilities by ADF (LON: ADF) is acquiring Location One, which also provides services to the TV and film industry, for up to £8.9m. The initial cash payment is £4.5m. Facilities by ADF provides specialist vehicles, while Location One provides other equipment, such as parking foundations and generators. The two companies already work together. The deal is expected to improve 2023 earnings by 7% to 6.3p a share. The share price rose 14.6% to 63p.

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Digital services provider TPXimpact (LON: TPX) continued the share price improvement started late on Wednesday. This follows the publication of interim results that were no worse than expected. The underlying pre-tax fell from £4.7m to £400,000 and the interim dividend was maintained at 0.3p a share. The full integration of past acquisitions to improve efficiency is continuing. A full year pre-tax profit of £5.45m is forecast, which would put the shares at 47.5p, up 18.8%, on ten times prospective earnings.

Professional adviser network DSW Capital (LON: DSW) improved interim pre-tax profit to £902,000 despite the additional costs related to being quoted on AIM. Demand for M&A and other services from small and medium-sized companies remains resilient and the licence income from the fee earners has increased from £1.16m to £1.63m on the back of a one-third rise in network revenues to £9.8m. The interim dividend is 1.76p a share. There was a 7.14% improvement in the share price to 127.5p.

Telecoms customer engagement software provider Pelatro (LON: PTRO) says the currency movements between the US dollar and Indian Rupee will lead to a shortfall in reported revenues this year. Along with other factors, this will reduce revenues by up to $800,000, although the currency movements will have a positive effect on costs that partly offsets the shortfall. EBITDA will be slightly below expectations. Some new clients are moving to a licence model, which means revenue will be recognised earlier.  The share price slumped 31.7% to 13.5p.

Education services provider Tribal (LON: TRB) continues to have problems with its Nanyang Technology University contract. Costs have increased and recognised revenues are lower than expected. That will reduce 2022 EBITDA by £9m and there will be a further shortfall of £4m in 2023. Contract wins have added £1.1m to annual recurring revenues. This knocked 27.5% off the share price leaving it at 40.6p.

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Gensource Potash (LON: GSP) has raised $6m with $3m coming from the sale of units (one share and one warrant) at 15 cents each and the rest from an issue of flow through shares at 20 cents a share. The cash will be spent on the Tugaske project and exploration. The share price fell 28.6% to 12.5p.   

Weakening mortgage markets are hitting the revenues of Mortgage Advice Bureau (LON: MAB1) with October and November volumes 50% below expectations. Weak volumes are expected to continue into next year. The network members are reducing the number of advisers employed and new hiring has slowed. Market share continues to increase and it has reached 7%. The 2022 pre-tax profit will be slightly below the previous expectation of £28.9m, but there could be a one-quarter downgrade for 2023. The share price slipped 12.5% to 491.5p.  


AssetCo (LON: ASTO) is paying a dividend of 1.3p a share and the share price is unchanged at 65p.

Calnex Solutions (LON: CLX) is paying an interim dividend of 0.31p a share and the share price fell 2p to 165.5p.

CML Microsystems (LON: CML) is paying an interim dividend of 5p a share and the share price declined by 5p to 495p.

Croma Security Solutions Group (LON: CSSG) is paying a final dividend of 2.1p a share and the share price is down by 2.5p to 54p.

FIH (LON: FIH) is paying an interim dividend of 1.2p a share and the share price still rose 7p to 241p.

Michelmersh Brick Holdings (LON: MBH) is paying an interim dividend of 1.3p a share and the share price and the share price edged up 1p to 98.5p.

Marks Electrical (LON: MRK) is paying an interim dividend of 0.3p a share and the share price is unchanged at 76.5p.

Pan African Resources (LON: PAF) is paying a final dividend of 0.87p a share and the share price fell 0.39p to 17.37p.

Tatton Asset Management (LON: TAM) is paying an interim dividend of 4.5p a share and the share price improved by 3p to 473p.

YouGov (LON: YOU) is paying a final dividend of 7p a share and the share price declined 11p to 969p.

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