Apple launches streaming service

Apple have launched their music streaming service, Apple Music, in a bid to enter the competitive music market.

Whilst Spotify makes up 85% of the music on-demand market, other companies have recently tried to cut in on the trend, including Jay-Z’s new Tidal service.

Both Spotify and Apple Music have huge catalogues, but Apple Music is likely to have more. It is likely to have 35 million tracks, compared to Spotify’s 30; Apple’s service will include artists like the Beatles, who have so far held out against streaming companies.

Because Apple can integrate its music service with iOS, the new service will be easier to use on iPhones and other Apple devices; for instance, Siri can control what’s playing, and the new proactive Intelligence assistant can bring up music that it thinks you’ll like. More than 800 million people use Apple to some extent, so they have the benefit of a ready audience and a huge market to tap into.

by Miranda Wadham

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