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A decade ago, AppyWay Founder & CEO Dan Hubert had a bad parking experience shared by millions across the UK. After hurriedly trying to park outside The Royal Albert Hall he found that all the paid bays and residents bays were full. The only space he could find was on an ambiguous single yellow line painted on the road right outside the entrance. Not wanting to risk a parking ticket he was about to drive off when a nearby parking traffic warden said he could park there. Immediately gaining VIP parking treatment his frustration quickly turned to intrigue.

Dan’s brain began whirling with ideas of digital kerbsides and access to all the parking information you could need in your pocket, thus sparking his mission to Make Parking Forgettable™ via the market-leading driver app, AppyParking+.

With unwavering determination, he assembled a dynamic team of 40 passionate individuals dedicated to reshaping the parking landscape.

But AppyWay had one major roadblock (excuse the pun). Outdated government legislation from 1984 has been holding local governments back from embracing a digital kerbside, but things are about to change in a big way. Recent government legislation on digital roads mandates that all authorities must embrace the digital kerbside.

In late 2023 the government released the Plan for Drivers which was supported by two major digital roads announcements:

National Parking Platform, NPP

In October ‘23, The Transport Minister announced the launch of the NPP which will finally mean drivers can use one parking app across the UK, such as AppyParking+, rather than annoyingly having to install lots of separate apps. Our solution is the only one in the market that allows drivers to Plan, Park & Pay across the whole kerb, rather than just being a ‘till’ to a paid bay. This announcement finally scales our mission to Make Parking Forgettable™.

The Autonomous Vehicle Bill

In November ‘23 this bill announced legislation mandating that all English councils have to publish machine-readable restriction maps, known as Traffic Regulation Orders, or TROs, that cover such things as parking, loading, unloading, and speed restrictions. AppyWay currently works with over 10% of UK councils and counting, and since the announcement our pipeline has grown tenfold.

Fortunately, AppyWay has spent the past decade building their technology precisely for this moment. Today, this unique platform is strategically positioned to capitalise on this digital revolution and scale across the UK and beyond.

AppyWay now stands as the European leading digital kerbside management platform, helping cities and fleets to optimise their operations and transition to net zero by uniting parking and loading maps, occupancy data, and cashless payments. The platform is currently aiding local authorities and businesses across the UK and beyond digitally from Dublin and Edinburgh to Lambeth and Cornwall, insurance giants Direct Line, disabled motoring innovators Motability Operations, plus charge point operators Connected Kerb and Urban Fox.

Opportunities are coming in from across the pond and the business is primed and ready to scale its operations into a market with over 19,000 cities compared to the UK’s 400.

”With parking deeply affecting us all daily, now is the perfect opportunity for the crowd to invest in a parking revolution made by the people for the people.“ says Dan.

”Our Crowdcube campaign is an invitation to the public who share our vision of smarter, more sustainable cities through the digitisation of a much-undervalued council asset. Your support can help accelerate the development and expansion of our solutions, making a tangible impact on the way we live and move around our towns and cities.”

At this incredibly exciting juncture for AppyWay, readers are encouraged to act swiftly to take advantage of this shareholder opportunity, which closes on the 27th of March. The Crowdcube raise is part of a wider round that aims to scale AppyWay’s solutions in the UK and across the pond, so further investment is welcomed to this already overfunded campaign.

To learn more about the company or to become a shareholder in AppyWay, please visit their Crowdcube pitch page.

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