Aquis weekly movers: Arbuthnot Banking special dividend

Chairman Geoffrey Miller has increased his shareholding in TruSpine Technologies (LON: TSP) from 7.24% to 9.03% after he acquired 2.5 million shares at 1.5p each from LCS. AIM-quoted Vela Technologies (LON: VELA) has cut its stake from 9.9% to 4.3%. The share price rose 26.7% to 2.85p.

Constantine Logothetis has increased his stake in SulNOx Group (LON: SNOX) to 24.1%. The share price increased 16.4% to 35.5p.

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Arbuthnot Banking Group (LON: ARBB) has decided to pay a special dividend of 20p/share on top of its interim dividend of 20p/share, up from 19p/share in 2023. The two dividends will be paid at the same time on 20 June. The share price improved 4.01% to 972.5p.


Apollon Formularies (LON: APOL) shares slumped 70% to 0.0075p after shareholders voted in favour of leaving Aquis.  

Capital for Colleagues (LON: CFCP) reported an interim pre-tax profit of £985,000, up from £933,000. NAV was 87.32p/share at the end of February 2024. A 2p/share dividend has been subsequently paid. The share price fell 10.3% to 65p.

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Valereum (LON: VLRM) chairman James Formolli has subscribed £2m for shares at 3.6p each. The share price declined 7.27% to 5.1p. Instead of warrants he will receive 15 million GATE tokens. Valereum has signed a strategic partnership with Securities Trading Technology Mauritius to improve Valereum’s core technology. The focus is Bridge Digital FMI, the company’s blockchain digital financial markets infrastructure.  

S-Ventures (LON: SVEN) has delayed the announcement of its figures for the 15 months to December 2023 because the audit will not be completed by the end of June. The share price slipped 2.44% to 2p.

Digital assets investor KR1 (LON: KR1) had net assets of 95.43p/share at the end of April 2024. Celestia accounts for 34.2% of the portfolio and Polkadot for 14.3%. There was £1.16m of income generated from digital assets during the month. The share price dipped 1.86% to 79p.

Marula Mining (LON: MARU) has signed an offtake agreement with Fujax UK for manganese ore production from the Larisoro mine in Kenya. The agreement covers an initial 2,000 tonnes of manganese ore with further minimum monthly deliveries of 5,000 tonnes, but nominal monthly sales of 20,000 tonnes/month for 12 months. Deliveries have started. Assay results from Larisoro show an average grade of 35.73% manganese. The share price is 1.37% lower at 9p.

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