Aquis weekly movers: Hydrogen Utopia International moving to standard list

SuperSeed Capital Ltd (LON: WWW) is the best performer of the week following the announcement on Tuesday of managing director Mads Jensen’s purchase of 2,000 shares at 105p each. This appears to have happened on 8 December because it is the only trade since August. The share price improved by 10.8% to 102.5p. This is the highest the share price has ever been.

EPE Special Opportunities (LON: E.OP) rose by 3.33% to 155p, following the announcement of the November 2022 NAV of 241.17p a share. There were also 8,500 shares traded on the day.

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Hydrogen Utopia International (LON: HUI) is planning a move to the standard list, which it believes will attract international investors. This should happen on 21 December. Hydrogen Utopia International has an exclusive, non-transferrable licence for the distributed modular gasification technology developed by AIM-quoted Powerhouse Energy (LON: PHE). The share price moved ahead by 3% to 12.875p.

One Health Group (LON: OHGR) reported interim revenues increased by 17% to £9.83m. Pre-tax profit was flat at £256,000. The NHS-funded medical procedures provider announced an interim dividend of 1.66p a share. The share price edged up 1.45% to 175p. One Health Group joined the Apex segment of the Aquis Stock Exchange on 24 November and raised £1.56m at 150p a share.



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Education technology company Dev Clever (LON: DEV) plans to leave the standard list and that has hit the share price of Asimilar (LON: ASLR), which owns 72.3 million shares and 35 million warrants exercisable at 25p each. The Asimilar share price has slumped by 72.9% to 1.625p. Dev Clever, which is rebranding as Veative Group following a reverse takeover, shares were suspended at 30p in December 2021, and it believes that a lack of interest in smaller companies means it is not worth staying listed. The shares were suspended so that the company could publish a document relating to the reverse takeover. The company may return to the stockmarket in the future. The Dev Clever investment accounted for around two-thirds of the Asimilar net asset value of £30.9m at the end of March 2022 – based on a 27p share price. Asimilar is valued at £2.1m.

Aquis Stock Exchange owner Aquis Exchange (LON: AQX) announced the most popular stocks on the market will be available via IG Group’s platform. It was not stated which Aquis companies will be available via the platform. The Aquis Exchange share price fell by 8.24% to 390p.

S-Ventures (LON: SVEN) is acquiring the Juvela business, which manufactures gluten free products for £8m in cash, £1.5m deferred until September 2023, and five million shares. Shawbrook Bank is providing a £5.5m term loan and £500,000 revolving credit facility. This year Juvela is expected to generate revenues of £8.6m and should be profitable. The brand fits in well with the existing portfolio of brands and S-Ventures has a factory in Frankfurt. The share price fell back by 5.71% to 16.5p.

Altona Rare Earths (LON: ANR) had net assets of £1.05m at the end June 2022, including cash of £283,000. There was a £1.7m cash outflow from operations and capital investment. A maiden mineral resource estimate for the Monte Muambe real earths project should be available in the first quarter of 2023. The share price declined by 5.17% to 6.875p.

Invinity Energy Systems (LON: IES) is selling a 1.5MWh vanadium flow battery to partner Hyosung Heavy Industries and this system will be evaluated by Korea Electric Power Corporation. If the test is successful, then the battery system will be qualified for use in grid scale projects in South Korea. There will be an advanced payment in 2022 and the rest of the revenues will be in 2023. This is the latest deal in Asia. A $10m funding facility has been secured from Riverfort Global Opportunities and $2.5m has been drawn down to provide working capital. There were 2.7 million shares issued as part of the deal. The reference price for the initial advance is 44.9p a share and there are associated warrants exercisable at 67.35p. The share price had risen prior to the facility announcement but it ended the week down 4.4% to 43.5p.

Coinsilium Group Ltd (LON: COIN) expects to grow its advisory client base in areas, such as the Metaverse and gaming, It is also seeking to add to its investments. The share price dipped 2.78% to 1.75p.

Guanajuato Silver Company Ltd (LON: GSVR) is raising up to C$7.5m though an issue of units at C$0.425 each. The unit comprises one share and 0.5 of a warrant exercisable at C$0.60. The previous week the silver miner secured a $5m credit facility with Ocean Partners, which already provides a $5m facility. The cash will help to ramp up silver production and invest in processing facilities, as well as enabling additional exploration. The share price slipped by 1.85% to 26.5p.

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