Aquis weekly movers: Samarkand share sale hits share price

Watchstone Group (LON: WTG) had cash of £6.5m at the end of March 2024, which is an £800,000 reduction over three months. Net assets were 14p/share at the end of 2023, so this will be slightly lower now. Management is seeking to conclude its remaining litigation and return cash to shareholders.  It can appeal the case it lost against PwC. The share price recovered 5.56% to 9.5p.

Donald Strang has increased his stake in Gunsynd (LON: GUN) from 2.85% to 3.12%. The share price improved 4.17% to 0.125p.

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Marula Mining (LON: MARU) shares edged up 2.82% to 9.125p after its partner NyoriGreen Mining was granted eight new graphite mining licences in the Nyorinyori and NyoriGreen projects in Tanzania. The licences last for seven years. One licence application is outstanding. Trading in the shares has commenced on the A2X stock exchange in South Africa.

Ora Technology (LON: ORA) reported a £699,000 cash outflow from operations in the six months to January 2024. The company is developing a digital carbon trading platform. There was £314,000 of cash left at the end of January 2024. The share price rose 1.02% to 9.95p.


A share sale in Samarkand (LON: SMK) hit the share price of the ecommerce platform provider. There were 54,739 shares sold at 1p each, which was well below the market price. This was the first trade since 11 April. The share price dived by one-fifth to 2p.  

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Peter Mills has taken a stake in Oscillate (LON: MUSH) that is just above the 3% reporting level. The share price slid 10.7% to 0.625p.

EDX Medical Group (LON: EDX) is eligible for the Apex segment of the Aquis Stock Exchange and trading will start on the segment on 29 April. There was subsequent selling of the shares later in the week. The share price fell 8.33% to 8.25p.

Odd Asset Management raised its stake in skin treatments developer Incathera (LON: INC) from 11.8% to 16.4% and the share price dipped 3.7% to 13p.

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