Bitcoin is one of today’s most misunderstood technologies. While Bitcoin is commonly touted as a speculative asset, its monetary token is the least exciting aspect of the technology. Far more promising is Bitcoin’s potential to serve as infrastructure for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: a data-based economy.

An Immutable and Transparent Infrastructure

Right now, the data we emit becomes the property of dubious organisations (e.g. Cambridge Analytica data scandal), and there’s no way to ensure the integrity of the data we record intentionally (e.g. Novartis data manipulation scandal).

The Bitcoin blockchain solves the issues of data ownership and data integrity, making it the ideal infrastructure for a data-based economy.

Bitcoin has the potential to transform existing business applications and infrastructure like EDI, accounting, banking, supply chain management, healthcare and many more. But, beyond these improvements lies a massive explosion of entirely novel business applications and enterprise models.

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Webinar: Before Investing, Educate Yourself

The first step to identifying Bitcoin and blockchain investment opportunities should be to educate yourself thoroughly.

Bitstocks was established in 2014 as the City of London’s first Bitcoin Market Advisory and Cryptocurrency Investment firm. While we served as an investment house for retail bitcoin investors, our core purpose and focus was always, first and foremost, to be an education house that demystifies the complex nature of blockchain technology and offers insight into the financial and philosophical value held within its blueprint.

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Bitstocks Advisory Services

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