Brexit Leadership odds

In one of the most dramatic and historic nights in British politics, Britain has decided to leave the EU. Speculation has now begun over who will lead the Brexit after David Cameron steps down later this year.

Despite Cameron’s efforts to persuade the public to remain a member of the EU, the nation has voted against his plea by 52% to 48%. In an emotional statement made outside Downing Street this morning, Mr Cameron acknowledged that the country is in need of ‘fresh leadership’ and said he has informed the Queen that Britain should have a new Prime Minister arranged by the start of the Conservative conference in October.

As discussions begin over who will be the next conservative party leader, who are the bookies backing this morning?

Boris Johnson:

As leader of the leave campaign and one of the most recognisable personalities in British politics, former London mayor now stands on firm ground with many MPs backing his leave campaign to take the lead of the party.

Ladbrokes odds: 4/5

Theresa May:

One of few household MPs to keep her head down during the EU debate, the home secretary is regarded as a unity candidate and may be best positioned to challenge the leadership if a Brexiteer is in the running.

Ladbrokes odds: 3/1

Michael Gove:

A formidable figure beside Boris Johnson in the leave campaign, Mr Gove managed to rally plenty of support during his first live TV debate and led to leadership speculation. He has publicly stated that he is not interested in 10 Downing Street – but could he be Boris Johnson’s closest ally if he were to run for leadership?

Ladbrokes odds: 5/1

Andrea Leadsom:

The Conservative MP stunned remain campaigners after her successful live TV debate in Wembley earlier this week, sharing the stage with Boris Johnson. Her calm manner and financially literate speeches gave the former banker an in to a potential career move that could see her knocking on the door of number 11.

Ladbrokes odds: 10/1

George Osbourne:

In previous years he has been dubbed as the most obvious successor to David Cameron. However, a failed campaign alongside his colleges may see the chancellor’s hopes of moving into No 10 slashed. A post-referendum reshuffle may mean he needs to seek a new cabinet position to stand a chance of being a future Prime Minister.

Ladbrokes odds: 12/1



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