Capital appreciation and uncorrelated diversification with Foresight Sustainable Forestry

The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to welcome Richard Kelly, Co-Founder and Co-Lead of the Foresight Sustainable Forestry Investment Trust, for a comprehensive discussion about the trust and current environment.

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We start by exploring the global timber market and the dynamics underpinning long-term trends. The conversation moves onto the UK timber market and the opportunity for investors in the structural supply deficit of UK-produced timber.

Richard details the trust’s assets, focusing on the stage in the life cycle and geographical distribution.

Discussing the trust’s characteristics, Richard explains that forestry is a unique asset class that provides a substantial level of diversification due to very low levels of correlations with equities, fixed income, or infrastructure.

Richard delves into the carbon credit and details how the trust is well placed to benefit global companies’ net zero pledges.

FSF is the first and only company to receive the London Stock Exchange’s Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) designation due to its funding of carbon mitigation that generates carbon credits.

Foresight Group LLP, a firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 198020) acts as the Alternative Investment Fund Manager to Foresight Sustainability Forestry.

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