Chemring Group announces Norwegian missile deal

On Monday, Chemring Group announced a significant long-term agreement between its Norwegian subsidiary, Chemring Nobel, and American aerospace and defense giant Northrop Grumman.

The 15-year partnering deal secures Chemring Nobel as a supplier of HMX, a powerful energetic material used in missile propellants, to Northrop Grumman’s missile programs.

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Alongside the 15-year partnership, Northrop Grumman has also placed an $83 million delivery order with Chemring Nobel for HMX supplies. Deliveries under this order will commence in fiscal year 2026 and continue over the following three years. All production will take place at Chemring Nobel’s facility located in Sӕtre, Norway.

“These awards, which illustrate the long-term and valued relationship that we enjoy with Northrop Grumman, support our decision to invest in increasing the capacity of our three energetics businesses over the medium-term, and reinforces Chemring’s position as a key supplier to NATO,” said Michael Ord, Chief Executive of Chemring.

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