Crowd2Fund launches new Innovative Finance ISA for tax-free crowdfunding investment

Crowd2Fund, one of the UK’s most progressive crowdfunding sites, have today announced the launch of the UK’s first Innovative Finance ISA, enabling investors to take advantage of higher interest rates and maximise tax-free capital returns.

At 8.42%* APR, Crowd2Fund’s IF ISA offers one of the highest interest rates since ISAs were introduced in 2011, thus putting more money in investors’ pockets. Crowd2Fund’s ISA offers the potential to earn far higher returns than other ISA products on the market by allowing consumers to lend directly to handpicked growing businesses seeking loans, cutting out the banks and sending money direct from lender to borrower.

Crowd2Fund’s peer-to-peer model makes it easier for investors to manage risk and build a more balanced portfolio, all the while gaining access to higher, more competitive interest rates.Investors can activate their IF ISA simply and directly via the Crowd2Fund platform; this can be invested as part of their £15,240 tax-free ISA allowance, with interest earned not eligible to be taxed. With the higher returns achievable through crowdfunding investments, £15,240 invested in a Crowd2Fund IF ISA would earn approximately £1,283.21 per year, tax free.

The IF ISA not only gives investors access to higher returns but also the ability to support the UK economy by investing in credit worthy, growing British businesses; Crowd2Fund works hard to find the country’s fastest growing and most innovative businesses for platform investors. To help improve the experience of investing and make the process even easier for investors, they can access their capital at any stage via Crowd2Fund’s unique Exchange, which facilitates the reselling of loans to other investors – meaning funds invested are not necessarily frozen for long periods.

Chris Hancock, Crowd2Fund’s CEO, added:

“The introduction of the IF ISA is a huge step forward for savers and investors. The UK is the only market globally who has implemented a specific government savings scheme for innovation. London is clearly leading the global upgrade of financial services and alternative methods of finance, like peer-to-peer lending, are helping to bring the sector – and the UK economy more broadly – up to date with the needs of people today.”

Crowd2Fund’s Innovative Finance ISA also enables investors to access the benefits of receiving exclusive perks. Crowd2Fund has worked tirelessly to make the application process as simple as possible for investors wishing to invest in this new and rewarding way. To make their new IF ISA as simple, user friendly and easily accessible as possible, Crowd2Fund is launching an iOS app. This will allow investors to manage and grow their IF ISA portfolios easily whilst on the go, simply from the touch of their mobile screen. The native application offers savers and investors a frictionless and pain-free way to create their IF ISA, whilst offering a new and unique experience.

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*8.42%APR is an estimated return before fees and bad debts and actual return may be higher or lower depending on market demand.

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