Crowdfunding platform Crowd2Fund is once again leading the way in the crowdfunding sector, this time by developing a ‘smart money’ loyalty scheme to make investing even easier.

‘Smart Money’ is a crowdfunding coin exclusively for members of the Crowd2Fund Investor Club, the size of a £2 piece with a radio frequency identifier chip built into it. It will enable investors to link their Crowd2Fund account to the coin, allowing funds to be spent directly from the platform, just like a contactless credit card. Crowd2Fund hope to increase the ease of investing in crowdfunding, as well as encouraging participation and loyalty from frequent investors with this new rewards-based scheme.

An image of the new coin;

Chris Hancock, Crowd2Fund’s CEO says of the new project:

“The launch of the Investor Club will allow us to offer a highly personal experience to our best customers. The crowdfunding industry is growing up, and it is important that the industry accommodates sophisticated investors who understand the risks of lending and investing online and have expectations of receiving a high level of service.

“There has been a lot of talk amongst investors about the ‘Smart Money coin and we are proud to be able to finally reveal it and it’s benefits on Wednesday. We know investors will not be disappointed.”

The first event, to launch the ‘Smart Money’ coin and Investor Club, will take place on 2nd of December at the exclusive Erata Galleries in Mayfair. Benefits of Club membership will include rewards and special offers from luxury brands and businesses that have been funded via the platform, as well as exclusive networking events.

Crowd2Fund was launched in 2014, and has since raised more than £4 million for new businesses. They have recently launched an eBay style trading site for investments bought from the site, the first of its kind, and has a 0% default and late payment rate.

For more information on Crowd2Fund’s opportunities, visit their online platform here.


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