Decarbonising the grid and creating stable renewable power supply with RheEnergise

The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to be joined by Stephen Crosher, CEO and Co-Founder of RheEnergise, to discuss the company’s long-duration power storage technology designed to enhance and stabilise the distribution of renewable power.

RheEnergise is revolutionising pumped hydro energy storage which turns small hills into giant batteries. RheEnergise has developed a high-density, low-viscosity liquid that enables the storage of power to be released in times of high energy demand.

Stephen provides comparisons against other power storage methods including lithium batteries and traditional pumped hydro.

RheEnergise are engaged with major players in the power industry and has a number of early facilities planned for 2024.

The company is currently raising funds on Crowdcube as part of a wider funding round to scale the business in line with growth in power storage demand.

Find out more on Crowdcube here.

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