Democratising Gen AI, AI upskilling, and EdTech with Mindstone Learning

The UK Investor Magazine was delighted to be joined by Joshua Wöhle, CEO and Founder of Mindstone, for an exploration of democratising Gen AI and AI upskilling through Mindstone Learning’s events and programmes.

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Joshua Wöhle previously built SuperAwesome, which he sold to Epic Games. He then spent years Angel Investing before founding Mindstone.

Visit the Mindstone website here.

Mindstone was been named as one of the UK’s Top EdTech companies by The Times.

The company is setting about addressing the gap in adapting to and using AI. Mindstone has identified the need for individuals and companies to improve their use of AI in their day-to-day work environments. Mindstone is aimed at non-technical knowledge workers who can benefit from adopting AI tools.

We discuss the specific processes and tools available to Mindstone’s community and how Mindstone is helping improve efficiencies across a wide range of roles.

Mindstone has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. We discuss why the company is crowdfunding and its goals for the round.

Joshua finishes by describing the grit he feels is needed to make early-stage businesses a success.

Find out more on Crowdcube here.

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