Direct Investment into Private Companies

Below are three EISable companies that are seeking Direct investment – this is the highest risk and any appropriate investors would tend to know the sector before taking the 3 year plunge!

Growing 1 GigaBit @ Time

Data is growing at an exponential rate with the size of the digital universe predicted to double every two years at least there has been a 50-fold growth from 2010 to date. Human and machine generated data is churning out a growth rate 10x faster than traditional business data. Cudo Ventures has a ‘distributive’ technology and marketing plan to provide data users extra capacity at a marginal price.

Data mining software can be download enabling the more technically astute to sell spare computing spare to mine crypto currencies. It is estimated that trillions of dollars’ worth of computer power is not be used with 50% of the world’s PCs, Laptops and mobile phones currently idle. Cudo Ventures is on a mission to disrupt the computing industry and to convince masses to share their underutilised computing hardware. It intends to expand the users and usages into healthcare and gaming. It also has a social conscious and will offset all carbon energy used by its own infrastructure. The entrepreneurial management team have built an innovative and unique platform using their expertise in data centre and network design, software, hardware and communications.

Cudo Venture are seeking EIS funds to complete the building and marketing of its user-friendly network of collaborative users sharing the vast resource of used computer power. The ‘sharing community’ will be able to monetarize its hardware, help a charity and be carbon neutral. The ambition is to grow to 10m users with a low-cost customer acquisition strategy through strategic partnerships (Charities, Green IT Provider), KeyBlog Influencers and advertising. It is anticipated that the user’s engagement with the Cudo ethos will encourage high retention rates.

Cudo Ventures is ultimately aiming to create the largest global distributed computing marketplace utilising the sharing economy model by growing one bit at a time.

The Smell of Success

anatomē british wellness brand has fully comprehensive line of organic, natural dietary suppliements and top essential oils using proven ingredients.

The anatomē ltd range of products combine scientific research with a ‘unique’ blend of botanical ingredients. The product range includes Therapeutic Oils, Supplements and Skincare to create a new preventive wellness concept of health and wellbeing that facilitates and empowers the individual to take responsibility of their own daily health and preventative care.

A partnership was formed with a leading Aromatherapist & Perfumer Anastasia Brozler, and the anatomē therapeutic oil collection was created. There are up to 28 therapeutic oil in the products redefining aromatherapy. The Supplements range covers- Detox, Gut, Hair, Nails, Skin, Female Hormones, Male Hormones, Immune, Mental Focus, Joints, Muscle Recovery & Adaptogenius. The Skincare features a hydrating mist, serum, scrub, body wash, body moisturizer, bath salts and soap with complimentary supplements developed to nourish the skin, hair and nails and detoxify the complexion.
Starting in a pop-up shop with an on-line platform in October 2018, anatomē recently opened in St James, London. It is seeking to attract consumers looking for aspirational health brands underpinned by experts in natural ingredients. Anatome has partnerships with Harrods, Soho House and Net a Porter and the aim is to build anatomē as a global brand.

Brandan Murdock is the founder and major shareholder is ready to accelerate growth of both in retail and digital format. Turnover is expected to grow for £101,000 to £300,000 with the gross profits margin blend of around 70%. The goal to grow sales to £30m by 2023 with 48 locations which could make it an attractive brand for acquisition. In 2006, Brendan founded the upmarket men’s grooming company, Murdock London, which has seven shop with turnover of £3.2m. He has advised brands such as Hackett, cubbits and Estée Lauder.The journey has started with online and retail sales the next EISable funding is prove the scale up before a more ambitious roll-out. Funding of £0.4m is being sort for 10-20% and is to be used in developing the anatomē brand both on and offline. Investment will be made in the digital platform and the physical retail stores with pop ups and concessions so creating omni-channel client base. These customers are more loyal than a single channel customer so leading to higher spending over a longer time.

No More Rigsby: Short term double bed to let is an international student accommodation portal established in 2015. It’s supplies a full range of letting services to landlords, at a significantly lower price than is possible for high street agents. The website is currently advertising over 50,000 beds with prices that range from £200- £800 pppm and are working with more than a 1,000 active private landlords, as well as institutionally owned private hall and several universities. There are sales staff in Canterbury, Bucharest and Romania.

The universities are offered a software package to manage all off-campus housing for the students. The package includes a ‘Find a Housemate’ tool allowing students to search for housemates based on a range of criteria like a dating app. have a structured revenue model, the basic is a one-off booking on a successful letting. Landlords are also offered fee base packages from bronze to silver for £199, which covers all contracts and the collecting & lodging of deposits and 40% of landlords choose this package. The Gold Package is for £549, which include floorplans, photos and safety certificates. The full management fee is fixed at £29.99 per tenant p/m. Extra revenue comes from advertising to students, offering utility bill packages and insurance. For the 12 months to December revenue was £356,000 with a 64% gross margin. This is a scalable business as costs do not increase in proportion to sales and management forecast expected to be operating profitably in 2020 with turnover of £1.4m with 5,200 bookings.

There are over 1 million students in the UK living in private accommodation and the main competitors are still the expensive, out-dated high street letting agents or Rising Damp Rigsby type landlords. are one the largest online student letting agents but less than 1% of the market there is a plenty of opportunity for organic growth. are seeking £400,000 under EIS on a £2.5m valuation to be used in working capital and to finish the development of a smart phone app. This round of funding could be enough to see the company reach cashflow break-even in 2020.

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