Exploring Vietnam Holding’s portfolio companies with Craig Martin

The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to welcome Craig Martin, Chairman of Dynam Capital, the manager of Vietnam Holding, for a deep dive into the trust’s portfolio companies.

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Craig has provided a comprehensive analysis of the Vietnamese economy in previous podcasts. In his latest instalment, Craig Martin offers deep insight into three portfolio companies; FPT Corporation, Petrovietnam Technical Services, and Gemadept.

FPT Corporation is the portfolio’s largest holding with 15% weighting. The company provides technology and STEM education services and is positioned to benefit from Vietnam’s aims to do more in the semiconductor value chain.

Petrovietnam Technical Services (PVS) is a renewable energy transition play. Vietnam Holding feels PVS could be a key winner in Vietnam’s plans for NetZero by 2050 – through its ambitions to be a leading producer and exporter of renewable energy. In addition, PVS is working with Singapore to build the world’s longest subsea electricity cable (1000 km to export 1.2 GW, 10% of Singapore’s energy need).

We finish with a look at Gemadept, an operator of seaports and air cargo in Vietnam.

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