Fundbird launch comparison site for alternative business finance

Given the increase in non-traditional small business funding, it is surprising that website offering comparison and advice for small businesses has been missing from the sector for so long. Fortunately, Fundbird has recently been launched to fill the gap, operating an online platform matching SMEs with the right funding for them.

The company’s mission is to simplify the world of alternative finance for small businesses, helping them to navigate the range of non-bank funding options and find the best match for their individual requirements.

Fundbird’s co-founder and CEO, Sharon Argov, knows exactly the kind of problems that SMEs face when looking for funding and was driven to set up the platform in order to simplify the process:

“As an entrepreneur myself, I have first-hand experience of knowing how difficult it can be to secure a bank loan for a new business, and I know the stress and frustration it can cause.

“Now that alternative finance is such a viable option for SMEs the frustration comes when trying to work out which option is best for your business – it’s a complex landscape to get your head around, which is precisely why we set up Fundbird – to help time pressed business owners navigate this area.”

Funded by FinTech Angel investors including Yuval Tal, founder of Borderfree and Payoneer, and Rhodium Venture Capital, Fundbird has a unique ability to pre-filter SME applications based on their individual requirements. This guides the business to understand the type of funding they need, and acts as a lead funnel for the alternative finance industry, creating reliable, high quality leads for lending partners.

The platform compares many alternative funding methods, including secured loans, property finance, equity crowdfunding, peer-to peer lending, and start-up loans. All the site’s partners have been carefully selected based on criteria including competitive interest rates and flexible payment plans.

For lending partners, working with Fundbird will deliver a pipeline of good quality, well-matched leads. These have the potential to be converted into valuable, long-term customers, as the businesses seek different forms of alternative finance at different stages of their business evolution and growth.

“The rise of alternative finance has opened so many doors for small businesses, that a “no” from the bank no longer means an inability to access finance altogether. Alternative finance empowers SMEs who previously thought they were unfundable”, Argov says.

Fundbird is the perfect example of a FinTech company that thriving in the UK, showing just how amenable London inparticular is to helping new Fintech businesses grow. However, in order for alternative finance Fintech companies to really integrate with mainstream finance, Argov feels it has to go further:

“Whilst initiatives such as Fintech 2020 are great, I think that there needs to be more collaboration between banks and start-ups in order to make a real difference and truly create FinTech products that customers need.

“RBS working with Funding Circle is an example of this already happening, but it needs to continue and go further. The banks need to realise that FinTech is not here to extinguish traditional financial institutions, but has the ability to help make banking and finance better and more efficient.”

Whilst the process for obtaining alternative funding for businesses is usually simpler than the extensive checks required by banks, according to Argov “SMEs must make sure they get important documents in line to ensure a smooth journey. Meticulous planning – knowing exactly how much is needed, and how much can comfortably be paid back each month, is also important. Intermediaries such as Fundbird are a great way to compare options and make the right decision for your business.”

For further information on getting the right alternative finance for your business, visit

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Miranda Wadham on 30/10/2015
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