George Osborne: Conservatives are “the true party of Labour”

In his conference speech in Manchester, George Osborne went beyond the expected chancellor’s address and went on to focus on succeeding David Cameron as the Conservative party leader.

Osborne seized this opportunity to captivate those Labour supporters who feel “completely abandoned” by Corbyn’s new left-wing approach to policies. This radical shift by the Labour party to the far left has led to hesitance from many of the party’s supporters, highlighted by the resignation of five party frontbenchers after Corbyn was elected.

Whilst previous Labour Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair attempted to steer the party to a centre ground, today Osborne suggested a similar move for the Conservative party; claiming they are “now the party of work, the only true party of labour”.

However whilst Osborne claims that the new Labour party has undone a generation’s work to modernise the party in the space of twelve months, it is undeniable that a huge proportion of Labour voters actually welcome these changes; Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership vote with 59.5% of the majority.

So will Osborne’s speech win over Labour supporters who identify with a more centre ground approach to politics? Or can Corbyn persuade Labour party supporters that a radical left, socialist movement is the way forward?


Safiya Bashir 05/10/2015
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