Get a year’s worth of investment insights at Master Investor Show

Get a year’s worth of investment insights at Master Investor Show

The stock market is often portrayed by the media as a casino where folks are just as likely to lose money as to make it. Although it’s true that many a private investor underperforms the markets, for those willing to put in the time and effort to “DYOR” – Do Your Own Research – it is often a different story entirely.

After all, no other asset class offers access to a broader spectrum of investments than the companies listed on a stock market. Easy to buy and sell via any bank or broker, low transaction costs, and strict transparency rules that protect investors. In Britain alone, there are over 2,000 public companies you can invest into at the touch of a button. Look at Europe and the number rises to over 10,000. Globally, there are over 50,000 public companies.

But where can investors find trustworthy information about these companies to aid their investment decisions? For those looking to get up close and personal with their investments, there is no better option than Master Investor Show.

The hands-on approach

Master Investor Show is by far and away the UK’s largest event for private investors. Each year more than 4,000 delegates descend on London’s Business Design Centre, to interact with the CEOs, founders and senior management of around 100 companies and listen to the insights and predictions of some of the best minds in the business. What better way to take control of your financial future than to meet the people you’re entrusting with your hard-earned cash?


Showcasing star performers again and again

Master Investor Show doesn’t issue buy or sell recommendations, but takes great pride in giving visitors early access to investment opportunities that can outperform the broader market.

The show has gained a reputation for repeatedly working with winners:

  • Blue Star Capital was trading at 14.5p when introduced to the show audience last year. It is now trading at 51p (+252 per cent), and had been as high as What made it gain so much? Master Investor Show caught early wind of Blue Star being a cryptocurrency-related opportunity!
  • Critical Elements exhibited at the show in 2016. Its shares were trading at C$0.17 and were recently trading as high as C$1.86, an increase of 994 per cent.
  • Avation is presenting at the event for the fifth time. The share traded at 60p in 2013 and is now 241p (+302 per cent). Is the growth opportunity still worth buying into? At the show, visitors get to speak to their CFO and make up their own

Where else can one get direct access to CEOs, CFOs, and other key decision-makers of public companies?

Get the right tools for your own research

Master Investor Show gives private investors the tools they need to make their own investment decisions, as well as direct access to leading platforms such as:

  • Vox Markets: Investor relations information from a broad range of sources, aggregated into a single platform.
  • Selftrade: Execution-only brokerage accounts for 130,000 UK investors.
  • Edison: Free access to over 400 equity research reports.
  • QuotedData: Research on investment trusts, financial stocks, property companies, REITs and mining shares.

Learn about alternative asset classes

Master Investor Show introduces visitors to a wide-ranging selection of investments that can complement their portfolios.

  • Property lending: LendInvest offers investors the opportunity to earn 5.25% p.a. from their publicly traded bond.
  • Gold: EVR Bullion explains why purchasing the investor’s ‘safe haven’on the spot markets represents the best deal.
  • High-growth businesses: Show regular SyndicateRoom connects ambitious investors with trailblazing companies.

Investment insights from a powerhouse line-up of speakers

Master Investor Show hosts not just one, but four stages where visitors can listen to expert speakers throughout the day.

  • The Main Stage forms the epicentre of the event. Presentations bring together an exceptionally broad selection of investable opportunities from around the world. How does a 6,733% return from a Hungarian share sound? The Budapest Stock Exchange will showcase Hungarian investment opportunities that are much cheaper in terms of valuation and now easily accessible to UK private investors. High-calibre speakers also include gas and oil giant Total and Tom Stevenson, Investment Director for Personal Investing at Fidelity International.
  • The Rising Stars Stage, co-hosted with investor portal London South East, features companies that are traded on a stock market – i.e. anyone with a brokerage account can easily buy or sell these shares. The line-up of companies presenting in 10-minute slots includes Auxico Resources, Condor Gold plc and Cadence Minerals plc.
  • The Auditorium is heavily geared towards educational presentations. Companies presenting include Fidelity International, VectorVest and Avantis Wealth. It will be standing room only for “The Panama Papers”, this year’s explosive talk by Simon Cawkwell (aka Evil Knievil) – Britain’s most feared bear-raider, and the man who made £1 million off the collapse of Northern Rock.
  • The Gallery Suite gives presentation slots to companies that are active in alternative asset classes, such as Avation plc, Netwealth Investments and Nova Financial. The Gallery Suite also hosts billionaire Jim Mellon for an exclusive, ticketed talk that sees the Master Investor share his latest investment predictions and left-field ideas.


A must-attend event for all investors

Master Investor Show aims to break down the barriers between the finance industry and private investors. While some visitors have millions to invest, others are still at the beginning of their investment career. One common goal unites them all: A desire not to waste precious time in guessing where to invest their savings.

What better reason to visit Master Investor Show than getting a year’s worth of investment insights in just one day?

How to join

Saturday, 17 March 2018 (9.30am – 5pm)

Business Design Centre, Islington, London (nearest Tube: Angel)

FREE entry tickets available at 

(enter discount code UKIMON during check-out)

In association with Fidelity International

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