Global stocks rose on Friday, regaining the ground lost by the suspension of trading in China yesterday for the second time in a week.

Trading was halted in China yesterday just 30 minutes after market open due to a ‘circuit-breaker’ rule coming into effect, which causes trading to be suspended for the rest of the session if the key index falls by over 7 percent.

This had a knock-on effect on markets globally, with all European indexes falling around 2 percent. China regained ground on Friday, however, ending the day up by nearly 2 percent.

Bejing have now suspended the circuit-breaker rule and European markets have reacted positively. The FTSE is currently up 0.76 percent, with the DAX up by 0.60 percent. However, some volatility is expected later as markets react to key US jobs data, due to be released at 1.30pm.

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