The Greek parliament have passed a second package of reforms, meaning negotiations can begin for an €86bn European Union bailout.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras managed to contain a rebellion by members of his left-wing Syriza party, passing the reforms with the backing of 230 votes in the 300-seat chamber.

Tsipras appealed to parliament before the vote:

“We made tough choices, and I personally made difficult, responsible choices. Today we must all redefine the possibilities ahead of us given the new circumstances.

We chose a difficult compromise to avert the most extreme plans by the most extreme circles in Europe.”

Further violence erupted on the streets of Athens as Parliament debated the bill, which was passed at approximately 4:00 local time.

The government has said it hopes negotiations on the bailout deal can start this week and hope to have them wrapped up by Aug. 20.

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