Guident establishes prominence as a market leader in AV safety solutions

Tekcapital portfolio company Guident has set out an industry framework for the wider adoption of autonomous vehicles and safety solutions at the US National Autonomous Vehicle Day Conference.

Guident led the visionary US National Autonomous Vehicle Day in Florida, further establishing its prominence as a market leader in AV safety solutions. The event was met with buying activity in Tekcapital shares as investors gained a deep insight into Guident’s vision for the future of the industry.

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Many investors will be invested in Tekcapital solely for exposure to Guident, and the National Autonomous Vehicle Day event demonstrates why.

“The AV Day 2024 Conference crystallized the path forward for the autonomous vehicle industry: drive driverless somewhere before everywhere, and do it in collaboration with your co-founders, users, builders, and stakeholders in your ecosystem,” said Keynote Speaker at the conference, Prof. Paul Newman, Founder and CTO of Oxa.

Although still in the early stages, the autonomous vehicle market is making steady and assured strides forward, and Guident is delivering commercial innovations while gaining traction with strategic partners. Many of Guident’s partners were present at the event, not only for the applications of their safety solutions but also for the Deep Tech systems supporting connectivity.


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Guident recently launched the first remote monitoring and control centre (RMCC) of its kind in the United States as the industry gears up for wider adoption of autonomous urban mobility.

This RMCC will be integral in the expansion of a strategic partnership with Auve Tech to power the rollout of its MiCa autonomous shuttle in the United States.

In addition, Guident has demonstrated the broad range of applications with a partnership with Star Robotics’ and a solution for surveillance robots.

The National Autonomous Vehicle Day was held in Jacksonville – which happens to be one of the largest municipalities in the US by landmass and has extensive public transport networks. Guident is working with the Jacksonville Transportation Authority on the deployment of autonomous public transport systems for which Guident will provide safety connectivity.

These innovations are not just happening in Jacksonville and Guident’s Boca Raton routes; there is a global wave of urban mobility developments attracting the interest of investors and automobile companies.

The total urban mobility market is thought to be worth $660bn by 2030. Guident needs exposure to just a fraction of this market to be valued at many multiple of Tekcapital’s current market cap.

Tekcapital has alluded to Guident pursuing a private funding round this year to provide the growth capital required to accelerate commercial traction. And there is plentiful capital ready to be deployed in sector.

According to Dealroom, VC investors poured $22bn into Electric Mobility in 2023. This sector includes electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging and lithium battery technology.

“The presence of international leaders, speakers, and demonstrators underscored the fact that borders do not confine the future of mobility; rather, it is a shared vision that transcends them,” said Guident CEO Harald Braun when describing the momentum building in the sector.

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