Innovative Eyewear achieves AI milestone with launch of first ChatGPT voice enabled smart eyewear

Innovative Eyewear, the Tekcapital portfolio company, has launched the world’s first ChatGPT enabled smart eyewear and accompanying Lucyd app which allows users to ask ChatGPT a question through a voice interface. Answers are then fed back through built-in speakers in Innovative Eyewear’s smart eyewear.

The Innovative Eyewear launch represents a first in hands-free access to an artificial intelligence platform such as ChatGPT through smart eyewear.

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The newly launched Lucyd app is device agnostic and can be used through devices including AirPods, as well as Innovative Eyewear’s smart eyewear.

“We are excited to be the first company to provide ChatGPT enabled smart eyewear. With our new Lucyd app, which is free to our eyewear customers, we are continuing to make smart eyewear more accessible and functional than ever before,” says Harrison Gross, CEO of Innovative Eyewear.

“A great pair of smartglasses is defined by three key factors: fashion, tech, and suitability for all-day wear. The Lyte 2.0 collection successfully addresses these factors and now provides access to the world’s most popular AI assistant. By connecting to ChatGPT with your voice on Lucyd smart eyewear, you can access a wealth of detailed research on just about any subject, making it one of the most powerful mobile learning systems available.”

Lucyd Lyte 2.0 eyewear is now available in 15 styles, all of which can now facilitate hands free access to ChatGPT.

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Innovative Eyewear is listed on the NASDAQ while London-listed Tekcapital has a 67% stake in the smart eyewear technology company.

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