Innovative livestock trading platform seeks equity investors on Seedrs

Sell My Livestock, the first online website for livestock trading, is crowdfunding for investment on Seedrs. Launched just over a year ago, this niche business has grown rapidly and is increasingly disrupting the traditional methods of livestock sale, bringing trade into the 21st century.

Sell My Livestock was thought up by Dan Luff, a fourth generation Hampshire-based cattle farmer. He realised there had to be a better – and more modern – way to trade livestock than ringing around to see which farmers could offer the best price. Since then, Luff and friend James McInnes have created SellMyLivestock, a fully functioning trading website with over 2,000 registered users who enjoy the ease of use, zero commission charges and a dramatically reduced risk of disease.

The benefits are obvious. For sellers, there is the ability to trade for free, reach a nationwide audience and decreased transport costs, as there is no need to transport animals to market. Essentially, the website cuts out the inconvenient middle man.

For buyers, there is increased transparency with much more comprehensive access to an animal’s complete genetic history via SML’s application which combines real-time industry and government data, and access to stock from all around the UK.

The business has been supported this far through private investment and grant funding, but plans for growth include the launch of a monetisable automated invoicing and payment system. SellMyLivestock is now looking for an investment £150,000 in return for 15% equity in order to make this possible.

For more information on how to get involved with this opportunity, visit their campaign page on Seedrs.

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