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WATT Mobility, a rising star in the e-bike industry, is actively pursuing growth capital to fuel its expansion into the European market. The company has initiated a public investment round, opening up the opportunity for private investors to participate alongside large investment funds.

With an impressive commitment of €450,000 already secured at, WATT Mobility is poised for success. Notably, the company had previously secured a €1.5 million investment from Bloomit, a renowned mobility accelerator and investment fund, late last year. This injection of funds allowed WATT to solidify its market position.

Now, with eyes set on further European expansion, WATT is actively seeking additional capital. Bloomit remains a loyal investor, joining forces with the early founders and existing investors to contribute to this new investment round. Significantly, individual investors now have the opportunity to participate on equal terms with Bloomit and the founders, enhancing the inclusivity of the investment opportunity.

Our Vision: Own the City

WATT Mobility’s vision revolves around the evolving landscape of cities. With increasing restrictions on accessibility by car and a warm welcome for cyclists, urban environments are undergoing a transformation. WATT embraces this change and aims to empower individuals to “Own the City” through its innovative e-bikes.

Offering a clean, healthy, and efficient means of transportation, WATT e-bikes enable users to navigate through the city with ease and enjoyment. Whether it’s commuting to work, meeting friends, or simply exploring, WATT’s electric bikes provide a convenient and environmentally friendly solution, freeing individuals from the hassles of rush-hour traffic and parking woes.

Growth Ambition

Founded in 2018, WATT Mobility’s initial goal was to create stylish electric city bikes that seamlessly blend in with regular bikes. The company recognizes the growing e-bike market, driven by political engagement, environmental consciousness, and urbanization trends not only in the Netherlands but across Europe.

Now, WATT aims to expand its presence internationally and set a funding goal of €600,000. This ambitious target aims to sell 20,000 bikes by 2027, with a strategic focus on online sales and partnerships with 800 resellers and service points throughout Europe. This expansion plan would significantly increase the number of local bike shops embracing the WATT brand, facilitating wider accessibility and brand recognition.

A Unique Business Model

While several dominant brands in the e-bike market primarily adopt direct-to-consumer (D2C) business models to maximize margins, WATT Mobility stands out with its innovative and customer-centric approach. Prioritizing the needs of resellers, WATT implements an omnichannel strategy that ensures both rapid growth and reliable after-sales support. By providing an excellent price-quality ratio and comprehensive after-service, WATT differentiates itself from competitors.

Frans Nomden, Founder and CEO of WATT Mobility, emphasizes the sustainability of their business model, stating, “Unlike companies relying solely on online models, WATT’s approach ensures financial stability for repairs, parts availability, inventory management, and quality assurance. Our objective is to sell over 20,000 bikes by 2027 through 800 resellers across Europe, complemented by our webshop.”

Innovative Bike Designs

Inspired by the fixie-style bikes popularized in New York, WATT Mobility was founded in 2017 by Frans Nomden and Marc Jacobs. The company set out to create electric bikes that seamlessly integrate the battery and motor into the frame, resulting in a sleek and minimalist design. WATT’s e-bikes cater to urban dwellers who prioritize cycling as a means of transportation, embodying a conscious and healthy lifestyle while enjoying the benefits of electric biking. With lightweight aluminum frames, slim tires, and thoughtfully integrated batteries, WATT e-bikes offer an optimal balance of style, performance, and practicality.

Become co-owner

In this era sustainability and innovation are at the forefront of our collective consciousness, WATT Mobility is leading the change with its groundbreaking electric bikes. As the demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions continues to soar, WATT Mobility presents a unique investment opportunity that allows you to not only support a game-changing company but also become a co-owner of this visionary brand.

WATT Mobility has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on, an acclaimed investment platform that empowers individuals to contribute directly to promising ventures. With a focus on revolutionizing urban mobility, WATT Mobility has already attracted significant interest, with 75% of the investment target already achieved. This remarkable level of enthusiasm showcases the growing recognition of the company’s potential and the eagerness of investors to be part of this transformative journey.

By investing in WATT Mobility, you become more than just a financial contributor. WATT Mobility invites investors to become brand ambassadors. This unique proposition allows you to personally experience the products you support. For investors who contribute more than 2,500 euros, an exclusive incentive awaits: a discount on the purchase of a WATT e-bike. This means that you not only reap financial benefits but also get to enjoy the cutting-edge products firsthand.

For those seeking an even more rewarding experience, investing more than 10,000 euros offers an exclusive perk: a complimentary WATT e-bike of your choice. This enticing offer exemplifies WATT’s commitment to building a community of engaged and enthusiastic investors and users who collectively share and promote the vision of WATT Mobility.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to join the e-mobility revolution and become a co-owner of WATT Mobility. The investment landscape is rapidly evolving, and the chance to participate in such a groundbreaking enterprise may not come around again. With 75% of the investment already secured, act now to secure your stake in WATT Mobility’s future success.

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