Investing in high-yielding Asian equities with abrdn Asian Income Fund

The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to be joined by Yoojeong Oh, Investment Manager of abrdn Asian Income Fund, to explore the London-listed Investment Trust yielding 5.8%.

Yoojeong starts by explaining the quality of the trust’s income attributes, detailing a consistent dividend cover and 40% dividend cover held in revenue reserves.

Find out more about the abrdn Asian Income Fund here.

We take a deep dive into the investment strategy and the composition of the portfolio. The managers employ a ‘quality-first’ strategy and pay particular attention to the investee company’s management.

Yoojeong explains the portfolio’s key investment themes and how this impacts geographical allocations.

We discuss recent additions to the portfolio and those positions that were sold to make space.

Although the trust is managed on a bottom-down basis, we look at the macro influences on the fund.

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