Investing in UK B2B SaaS companies with Haatch SEIS and EIS funds

The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to welcome Fred Soneya, Co-Founder of Haatch, for a deep-dive into Haatch’s SEIS and EIS funds, which are exclusively available to high-net-worth individuals and sophisticated investors.

Find out more about Haatch’s SEIS & EIS Funds here.

Haatch invests in B2B SaaS companies at the pre-seed and seed stages with the aim of taking them to £1m in revenue – the Series A benchmark.

We explore Haatch’s sweet spot for investment, detailing investee companies’ stages in their lifecycle and the key milestones for portfolio companies.

Fred explains the importance of portfolio companies identifying deep pains in their customer bases that support long-term recurring revenue generation. We touch on examples of these pains in Haatch’s portfolio company.

Haatch has had a number of exits, and we look at how the process of exiting an investment has influenced the types of companies Haatch seeks out.

Fred explains the recent exciting developments in SEIS rules and what it means for investors.

Find out more about Haatch’s SEIS & EIS Funds here.

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