ITV, Compass Group and Vela Technologies with Alan Green

Alan Green joins the Podcast for our weekly instalment of UK equities and the key market themes driving investor returns.

In this period of equity volatility we question whether now is the time to be buying the dips, or selling the highs. This of course is a short-term trading strategy but can benefit longer-term investors with entry points.

ITV has produced a sold set of results which saw all business units enjoy an increase in revenue with the ITV Studios business posting a 23% jump in revenue in Q1.

Compass Group unveiled at £500m buy back sending shares 8% higher on Wednesday after it said the reopening of sporting venues and trends in catering outsourcing boosted sales. We look at their valuation and whether a lot of the good news is already priced.

Vela Technologies is an investment company with a portfolio of listed and unlisted technology shares. Holdings include Mode and WeShop and is awaiting a number of liquidity events in their unlisted holdings that could provide a catalyst for a re-rating of the shares. Vela is currently trading at a deep discount to the NAV of their holdings.

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