The Greek have voted to reject further austerity measures which is likely to prolong a possible aid package from the Troika.

It is therefore important to note the upcoming payments Greece is facing as market pressures are likely to increase in the run up to these events if no deal is struck.

These payments are in addition to the EUR 1.6 billion already owed to the IMF.

10th July

EUR 2bn T-bill redemption

13th July

EUR 500m IMF loan redemption

16th July

Governing Council monetary policy meeting of the ECB in Frankfurt

17th July

EUR 1bn T-bill redemption

20th July

EUR 4bn ECB held government bond redemption

1st August

EUR 200m IMF interest payment

7th August

EUR 1bn T-bill redemption

20th August

EUR 3.5bn ECB held government bond redemption

(Source: Reuters, Bloomberg, ECB)

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