London’s taxi drivers turn to crowdfunding to take on Uber

London’s Black Cab drivers’ have rallied together to form a crowdfunding page; ‘Action For Cabbies’ in order to fund the initial judicial review against Tfl, which made the decision that Uber does not need to be regulated like the black cab industry.

The groups’ lawyers have said;

“The team at Rosenblatt Solicitors in conjunction with Thomas Sharpe QC have formed the view that there are sufficient grounds to apply to the Court for permission to bring an application for judicial review against Transport for London (TfL) on the basis that the granting of Uber’s licence to operate was unlawful,”

This fight is by no means going to be easy, with the crowdfunding page hoping to raise £600,000, which will only fund the initial phase of the judicial review against Tfl.

According to the crowdfunder;

“Black cabbies have lost the ability to compete on a level playing field. Drivers, their families and the supporting industry have lost significant income, resulting in the need to work significantly longer hours to earn a living”.




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